Crunchy Credit Cards

The credit cards were born when Finance and Information Technology got married. Its existence becomes one of the most notable breakthroughs in the history of Financing and Info Tech. With the thin rectangular thing you can buy almost anything instantly online. Whether you want fund your vacation, buy a ticket, purchase groceries or utilize it to provide you capital and start a business.

These features and advantages lure many of us in applying for one. In fact, many financial institutions are giving out different kind of offers and promo such as rebates in cash back credit cards, zero balance transfer credit cards and others so that they could get a fair share of credit card holders in this market.

However, let us not be overwhelmed with the brighter side of the card. The credit cards like the coins have two sides, the good and the bad, advantages and disadvantages. Its really convenient to use the card when shopping, no doubt! but this convenience might also be the main reason for the increase of your credit card bill. The temptation to overuse the card is very high that we didn’t realize our bill is piling up. This is the credit card nightmare that all of us wants to avoid. Nobody wants to be in a situation working very hard just to pay off debt and bill.

Always remember the debt and bills behind those smiles while swiping your card. So, use it wisely.

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