First Touch on Autocad MEP

It’s been a year since I started implementing the Autodesk Building System (now Autocad MEP) in our company. The first stage of implementation is really difficult task due to the migration, control of free autocad blocks compatibility issues, autocad personnel training/upgrade. With combined effort, dedication and persistence.. we’ve manage blend the software with the existing cad skill and tool of our engineering services department.. 95% of our cad are already using the autodesk building system fairly and here comes the new upgrade again…:) with its’ new name AUTOCAD MEP.

The Autocad MEP is the new name of the sophisticated Autodesk software – Autodesk Building System. AutoCAD MEP is an intelligent environment for mechanical and electrical building consultants. The software contains a wide range of intelligent objects which behave as those objects should without hours of tedious CAD line drafting. Ducts know they are ducts, wires are wires and they all behave accordingly. Thus advanced features such as Panel diagrams can be done automatically by querying the objects that are already in the drawings.

With AutoCAD MEP 2008 users can expect more productivity (increase efficiency by reducing drafting tasks), accuracy (streamline the design process by reducing errors) and coordination (design and coordinate more effectively with the extended design team)

Last week a package was sent to me by Autodesk California office containing the AUTOCAD MEP media. The media is free as part of the subscription package that we purchased from NCS-Autodesk dealer here in Kuwait. I’l be very busy checking and exploring the Autocad MEP this coming week and I just hope that this new software will not give us additional headache upon implementation…:) The upgrade is upgrade so it must be good and more beneficial than the previous release…


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