Getting ready for Autocad MEP

Long time ago, I’ve written a journal about my first touch on MEP 2008. This is the moment when I received the three CAD software upgrade which is included on the benefit package of Autodesk Subscription that our department paid annually.

After about four months of test which is what I called a test run period..:) I finally come up to a decision to upgrade our existing CAD tool to MEP 2008. Without doubt this activity is hell lot of job! This coming week I’ll be uber dooper mega busy with my 8-5:30 work…

It was like a replay to me back to where I first set my feet in this company to complete a very challenging task. That is to implement the ABS2007. Considering that I know tiny thing about Autodesk Building System during that time, I need to find reference, tutorials, free autocad blocks and other documents to help me become familiar with the tool before teaching it to more than 20 CAD personnel in-house.

I spent a lot of time reading the software white paper, customer stories and software deployment motivation. I have to read a lot of these because every second I am receiving discouragement. It’s great that I found a recorded video conferencing done by Autodesk guys and I watch it over and over again until I understand how it works. I did apply the video conferencing way to educate our people but unfortunately it didn’t satisfy our expected result so I try and try and try other ways to educate them and the rest is history.

Now after a year here we go again. Anyhow, all are set, the MEP 2008 short presentation. references from recorded webcast that I wish I attended so that atleast I could have thrown some question about the software during the video conferencing, software installation which I planned to finished this week.

I already have a go from the Senior Supervisor so wish me luck guys and I hope this is not as difficult as before.


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good luck again…go for no “fatal error”


good luck! I know you could do it. It just take a little patience but for sure you’ll gonna make it dude!


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