Medical Checkup for OFWs

Medical Checkup is one of the mandatory exam for OFWs.  Before the processing of working visa, it is always employers’ requirement for prospect  worker to assure that the applicant is “FIT TO WORK”.

The would-be OFW will undergo different phase of medical examinations. The test will vary depending on the country of destination.  As an aspiring applicant of course we are more than willing to comply, but do you know what the these medical exams checking in body?

Here after some google I found this nifty list of information.  Now I know why they are taking samples of my blood. Not just a drop of blood by cc’s of blood!.


There they are, now we know the common medical examinations.  You should know this – we all should be aware of this so we can check of our system is still working fine.

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If have hepatitis A, is it no problem for medical check up for overseas worker? Or all hepa failed in medical check=up for OFW? pls advise


If have a goiter, is it failed in medical check up for sales assistance?pls advice.


what is the normal value of female hemoglobin bound to hongkong?


I have psoriasis,is it one reason for me to failed in Medical if I will apply abroad?


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