Salary Guide for Filipino Seamen

With more than 200,000 Filipino seafarers employed worldwide, the Philippines dominate the manning industry and is even considered as the manning capital of the world. As the primary source of seafarers in the global market, statistics shows that one out of every five seamen in the world is a Filipino.

Hardworking and competent, Filipino seamen are considered to be the best in the world. Filipino seamen are often employed in the tankers and vessels of Panama, Liberia, Cyprus, Bahamas, Jamaica, Greece, Malta, Singapore, Norway and the Republic of Germany.

To maintain the caliber of our seamen, the Philippines is a member of International Maritime Organization. The organization ensures that all maritime courses and trainings follow the standards set by the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW).

A job amidst high seas is far from ideal, as it not only requires long periods of separations from loved ones but backbreaking labor as well. However, the promise of higher salary, made many Filipinos choose and dream to be a seafarer.

How much money does a seaman earn? Like in every profession, the salary of seamen varies according to one’s position. The following are average salaries for different positions in the seafaring profession. Figures can be higher or lower depending on the company or employer.

Position – Salary

Captain – USD 4,500
Chief Officer – USD 3,200
2nd Officer – USD 2,500
3rd Officer – USD 2,350
Chief Engineer – USD 4,200
2nd Engineer – USD 3,200
3rd Engineer – USD 2,500
Electrician – USD 2,200
Bosun – USD 1,700
Able Seaman – USD 1,500
Ordinary Seaman – USD 1,150
Fitter – USD 1,600
Oiler – USD 1,500
Wiper – USD 1,150
Chief Cook – USD 1, 600
Messman – USD 1,000

Seamen are also entitled to other benefits like medical insurance, standby pay for senior officers and good performance bonus for officers. The employment contract is usually from seven to eight months.

source: Carmela Bignotia (ofwguide)

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